Sprint Planner

$ 25.00 USD
Keep your crew trained, onboarded, and on track with the Sprint Planner by Craftsman Painter. This planner, specifically designed for paint companies running Sprint OS or Scrum/Agile, will help you onboard your teams in a natural and seamless manner using our physical planner. Review values, production procedures, and track daily progress. Featuring 7 exclusive training videos accessible via QR code to help your team get trained quickly and repeatably. This planner includes: • Craftsman Guiding Principles • The Sprint OS diagram • Production Points Key • Equipment Checklist • Ladder Safety • PCA Industry Standards Reference • EDGE Training Checklist • Personal Cash Flow Planner • Daily Planner • Onsite Leader Guide • Sprint Board • Work Ticket Starter Pack • Sprint Reports • Punch lists Whether you're a small crew or a large company, providing your team with tangible planners they can hold in their hands is the key to unlocking your team's potential. This product is available as an annual subscription. You'll get four 60 day planners mailed to you each year. One for each quarter. Subscription includes access to on-demand training videos.