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"I love my home. You helped me love my home." — Alison Z.
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Painting made simple

Getting your house painted doesn’t need to be a disruption.

Here’s how we earn our 5 stars:

  • We provide a Color Designer for help on paint colors.
  • We keep you informed with bi-weekly check-ins up until your project start date, then we’ll text you daily with progress updates.
  • We follow industry standards and clean every day, getting each room back to livable conditions as soon as possible.
  • We get you exclusive discounts on paint from Sherwin-Williams!
  • We offer flexible monthly payment options.

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Picture-Perfect Color!

We know how hard it is to narrow down all the color options. It can be paralyzing staring at a wall of paint swatches at the store.

Working with a Color Designer will help you design a color palette for your home that everyone will love (and cut back on the bickering between differing opinions).

As a complimentary gift to you today, we will help you choose your first color for free!

Our Color Designers have professional backgrounds in interior design and art, making their help invaluable in the process of choosing the perfect palette!

For a full color design, make sure to schedule a dedicated appointment with your Color Designer.

Craftsman Quality Results

At Craftsman Painter, we follow the Painting Contractors Association (PCA) Industry Standards to ensure you get high quality results.

In addition, we regularly go through training to further improve our craft.

But a great quality job isn’t just about how the paint looks, it’s also about having a great experience. We work in small crews of 1 or 2 painters in your home to help keep noise level at a minimum and to make accountability high.

Visit to learn more about Industry Standards.

Hire A Craftsman Painter

Beautiful results and a better experience is right around the corner. All you have to do is take the next three steps.

  1. Schedule an appointment.  
    Work with our Color Designer to start planning your project and pick out some awesome colors.
  2. Match the scope of work to your budget.
    Your Color Designer will help you come up with a total project budget and estimate of costs, so make sure everyone with an opinion on color and budget is at the appointment.
  3. Get on our project waitlist.
    We work in small teams of two to ensure the quality stays high, and the experience is great. We promise it will be worth the wait. Typical waitlist time is 3–6 weeks.
Myles Stephney - Craftsman Painter
"Craftsman Painter has painted several rooms and cabinets in my house.  I have also referred them to many others, and they've all been pleased! Very happy!"
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Sally Baird
Realtor, Sterling Real Estate
"Myles painted the interior of my 2000 sq ft home. You get quality results. He was professional and affordable. I plan to contract Myles for additional work."
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Steven Marcum
Residential Client
"Professional, careful, detailed.  I appreciated the thoroughness and attention to being gentle, and doing a top-notch job.  Exceeded expectations.  Thank you."
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Nancy Nerad
Commercial Client
Proud Member of the Painting Contractors Association