We Paint Houses

And We're Really Proud of That Fact
Let us show you how, too!


Do you like working hard and seeing the work of your own hands?

We offer Apprenticeships, journeyman & Craftsman opportunities to hardworking people who take pride in what they do.

Work Life Benefits:

  • Full Autonomy - Work independently or on a team of like-minded people.

  • Gain Mastery - Become a true craftsman of the trade and develop transferable skills.

  • Purposeful Work - Beautify and reinvigorate old homes and buildings.

Earn while you learn.
average $20-30/hr in less than 3 years.
performance based pay.


step 1: Video Interview

Show us your personality and answer a few short questions via your smartphone or desktop camera.

STep 2: Phone Interview

After we review your video answers we will send you a link to set up a phone interview along with another short set of questions.

Step 3: In person Interview

Once your phone interview is complete, your recruiter will let you know of the current opportunities in the area and set up a time for an in person interview.

4th step: Perform Skills Test

The final step looks at your basic skill set to determine placement on a crew. This initial skills test is paid and will range from a half day to a full two weeks.

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With Craftsman Painter, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the painting trade both in the field under the guidance of experienced master craftsmen and through the Painting Contractors Association (PDCA) online training. You’ll come to understand the true opportunity of the painting trade and the joy and satisfaction of creating a business with your hands.



10,000 Baby Boomers retire every day, while only half of the young people needed to replace those jobs are entering into the trades. This is basic economics. Low Supply + High Demand = Profitable Business. We'll train you to become profitable, in-demand craftspeople.


Journeymen Painters

As a Journeyman painter you'll continue to build upon the skills you've already developed as a painter while finding the opportunity to grow in new ways. Prepare to take on leadership roles. Develop soft skills like communication and organization. With time comes mastery. Stick with the trade, improving always and earn the distinction of craftsman.


Craftsmen Painters

Craftsmen painters perform at a step above the rest. With superior quality craftsmanship and production speed Craftsmen Painters enjoy a greater love of the trade. Exceptional customer service is also a hallmark of the craftsman painter.


Master Craftsmen

Master the craft of a noble profession and pass those skills to the next generation. Albert Einstein said, "Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person." Our masters are the teacher of the trade.


performance based pay

The Piece Rate Experience

Ever get tired of working your butt off compared to the people around you who are alway on their phone at work—and never earning more or less than your hourly rate?

Piece Rate Pay puts your earning potential in your hands. 

With Piece Rate, each job has a predetermined payout and material budget. Get the job done fast or get it done slow, the payout is the same. So what your hour is worth is up to what you can produce.

We track production and payouts using our ColorBook Payout App.

Within first 3 years most painters average between $20-$30/hour.




Being a Craftsman Painter provides you with the resources you need to create a stable financial future with access to insurance, tax planning and retirement planning. Our entire goal is to make your life better and a strong benefits package is just the beginning.


Equal Opportunity

Scholarship opportunities

We offer scholarship opportunities for minorities and women as well as other support like paths to citizenship, english as a second language classes and continuing education support.


Equal Pay

Equal pay

Core to our beliefs within a performance based pay system is to provide an equal pay for equal work. Not only that, but we provide flexible work schedules to help work around child care. 

Tax Planning

As a Craftsman Painter member you get professional tax planning services to ensure you’re tax compliant and maximizing your tax savings as you start your independent trade. Included in your dues are implementation training in Quickbooks Self Employed (subscription fee included).

Craftsman Painter Financial Services Include:

  • Quickbooks Self Employed Subscription

  • Quickbooks Self Employed Implementation Support

  • Year End Tax Filings

  • Quarterly Financial Prep Guide


Part of being an Independent Trade Worker is carrying Liability Insurance and Workers Comp. We help you remain compliant by helping you navigate insurance options through our team of licensed insurance professionals.

Get affordable quotes for:

  • General Liability Insurance

  • Workers Compensation

  • Home & Auto

  • Life & Health

  • Disability & More


As a Craftsman Painter member, you will have the opportunity to earn several different rewards for outstanding performance. Earn cash rewards loaded to Pre-Paid Visa Gift Cards that can be spent anywhere by getting customer reviews, requesting referrals and recruiting new painters. Gain the respect of your peers by earning nominations for excellent craftsmanship and hustle on a bi-weekly basis.

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What is a Professional Profile?

When you join Craftsman Painter you'll get a landing page profile with your pretty picture and list of skills, contact info and a link to book you for a job. You can use this page as a digital business card allowing you to spread your name and grow your business.

Contractors will be able to contact you directly for projects and you can share this page on social media and via the web. Having a professional landing page will help you connect with online searchers to keep you busy all year long.


Working with Contractor Partners

Contractor Partners are independent organizations who focus on the marketing, sales and contracting side of the paint business.

Craftsman Painters partner with these Contractor Partners to keep our painters' schedule filled year round. Painters commit to contracts with specific Contractor Partners for a set period of time with options for renewal or free agency.

Working with Contractor Partners enables our painters to focus on the production side of business while allowing the contractors to focus on marketing and selling our services.

If you are interested in being a Contractor Partner click below to set up a call.