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Roswell, GA 30075
is proudly served by
Danny Villarreal
A certified member of the Craftsman Painter Collective.

“During my working days, I was in the Customer Service environment for over 25 years. I never saw before, during and after the project customer service that came close to what Danny and his team provided to me. The painting project was performed to perfection, and the clean-up and follow-up operations were above and beyond my highest expectations.

Danny is going to return to our house and quote us on whole house painting, which certainly shouts out that I highly recommend his company for all of my painting needs.

Thanks, Danny and Team Danny, for a great job, well done.”

— David Binder, Greater Atlanta Area Homeowner

“Danny and his crew are really great to work with. Danny is very detail oriented (which is what you want in a painter) and did a great job of walking me through the process that they use. I got five quotes for the exterior paint of my house. The proposal I received from Danny was the most detailed and I felt he really cared about doing a quality job. The Villas Crew worked fast, clean and professionally and did a tremendous job for my family and me. I will use them for my future painting needs.”

—Alex Kennedy, Greater Atlanta Area Homeowner

“Danny Villarreal of Villas Pro Paint and his team were professional, efficient, and worked with an incredible attention to detail. After pressure washing and caulking everything and everywhere, they replaced every fascia, soffit, and siding panel and anything else in need of repair, and it was extensive. They also cleaned and repaired/replaced gutters and replaced my back door. The exterior paint on my home and custom shutters they built is beautiful.

Danny was present every day to check that work was done properly and nothing was missed. His level of communication with me was comforting, and I trust him completely.

On the inside, the master bath was skimmed smooth from wallpaper removal and bedroom and bath paint is beautiful. This is my second time contracting with Villas Pro Paint and would not hesitate to hire them again.”

—Susan Parlier, Greater Atlanta Homeowner

“Exterior & Interior Painting : After doing extensive research and talking to over 15 painting companies (yes, almost everyone on Yelp) I saw a review on Nextdoor where one of the neighbors in our community had positive comments for Villas Pro Paint.  I decided to move forward with them and I have to say, these guys are great and if you need any paint work I would recommend considering them as an option.

Here is why I recommend them:

1. No compromise on quality of work (they would not even recommend the paint which does not meet their standards)

2. They were patient and listened to every detail

3. Pricing is the most reasonable for their standard of work

4. They ensured that we were fully satisfied with all the work they did

5. Family owned and local business, so the coordination is exactly what you need”.

—Prashant Rath, Greater Atlanta Homeowner

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about working with the Craftsman Painter Collective.
What paints do collective painters use?
Our members offer a variety of options including Sherwin-Williams, ranging from top of the line, to the more affordable options. Collective members receive exclusive trade discounts that will help you save money.
How much does paint cost?
Paint products range from $49.99 per gallon to $89.99 per gallon, depending on the surface being painted and your desires for quality. Also factor in the cost of sundry items like tape, plastic, and repair materials.
How long is the waitlist?
In the winter months, the waitlist for our members can range from 1 to 3 weeks, while in summer months the typical waitlist time is 4–6 weeks. Always text or call to get current waitlist times.
Are collective painters properly insured?
We require each member of the collective to carry a current General Liability policy to protect your property from damage, and Worker's Comp to cover our employed work staff.
What is your warranty policy?
Our members guarantee workmanship according to the PCA Industry Standards, and the manufacturer's warranty.
Can you help me choose the right paint colors?
Yes. In many locations, we coordinate with a certified Interior Designers to help you choose colors. This service is often complementary with the purchase of services or can be purchased separately according to local designer rates.
What payment methods do you accept?
Collective members accept all major credit/debit cards, ACH transfer, Apple Pay, and Klarna. Buy now and pay later with Klarna.
What types of painting services do you offer?
Collective painters offer interior painting and cabinet painting for residential and commercial properties. Call your local collective member to check for additional services.
What is a collective painter?
The Craftsman Painter Collective is a group of independent painters who own and operate their own painting company. As a collective, we vet and qualify painters who hold themselves to the highest degree of quality and service. Collective member crews are comprised of both W2 and contract employees and must carry current state licenses, general liability insurance and workers compensation according to state laws.
What advantage is there to working with a collective?
Working with a collective is just like working with a typical painting company, with a couple of key differences. First, working with a member of the collective gives you direct access to independent paint crews without having to go through the heavy markup of a contractor salesman. Second, the collective vets our members for quality and customer service. Third, collective members tend to collaborate with each other to ensure that you get the right person for the job and in a time frame that works for you.
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