Build a stronger, more profitable team by joining a collective of business minded painters.

Grow your team
Make more money
Stay booked out

Most painters struggle to build a successful career because...

  • They aren't getting enough work in the slow season.
  • They can't build a team bigger than a few people.
  • They are going it alone and don't have anyone to coach them.
  • They get in bidding matches with race to the bottom competitors.
  • They live paycheck to paycheck and can't save for retirement.
  • They don't have access to affordable health care.
Craftsman Painter isn't your competitor. We are your friend. When you join our collective, we'll provide a host of benefits to help you grow your career in the painting industry.

How to join Craftsman Painter

We're here to walk you through the process. Author & Host of the PaintED Podcast, Torlando Hakes, will be your guide, taking you through the journey of a lifetime.

  • 1. Apply

    Complete a short questionnaire and schedule a meeting with our team to see if becoming a member is right for you.

  • 2. Attend the certification training

    This 12-week virtual training will give you everything you need to confidently grow your career in painting.

  • 3. Develop As A Professional

    Joining our community of craftsmen and designers will help you grow your career. Don't go it alone. Join a community that cares about you.

Apply Now

Painting the way it should be...8 things every craftsman deserves...

  • You deserve to look good while you work. Get branded swag to help you and your team look more professional.
  • Access to our 12-week marketing, sales and leadership training program.
  • An on-demand HR department; offering payroll, full benefits & worker's comp. Done-for-you taxes.
  • Social media content coaching & management to help you promote your personal brand.
  • Recruiting services to help you hire painters and sales reps as you grow. Onboarding and HR management included.
  • A personalized lead booking website where you can generate high quality leads.
  • Win bids at a 30-50% higher price point than you're winning them today. Make more money and stop competing against low-ballers.
  • Get a better deal on paint and supplies at Sherwin-Williams.

What would it cost you to do it all on your own?

The Craftsman Painter Collective is like getting a business in a box.

Co-Branding Resources

Team Training & Education

Complete HR & Benefits

Hosted Booking Site
100's of podcasts, articles, and books
Job Ad Templates
Door Hangers/Yard Signs/Business Cards/Apparel & Decals
12-Week MBA level course
Job Offer/Description Templates
Pitch Decks & One Liner
Open office hours
HR Support
Certified Logo Badge
Bi-Weekly Sprint Retro Meetings
Worry-free Payroll
Social Media Templates
G-Space Community Group & Chat Support
Healthcare Benefits
Shareable Content & Copy
Playbooks & Planners
401K & Personal Financial Coaching
Email Campaigns
Events & Team Summits
Team Recruiting

Build a career and a life you love as a  member of the Collective

Membership in the Craftsman Painter Collective will get you where you want to go.

As a member, you will learn one of the most effective systems of production management in the world applied to the painting business. The book Sprint was written for painters by one of the most trusted voices in the industry, host of the PaintED Podcast, Torlando Hakes. PaintED has helped thousands of paint contractors grow their business. And now, Sprint OS is available in workshop form and as a part of the Craftsman Painter Collective.

A Craftsman Painter Collective Certification is your key to building a successful painting business.

Who is membership right for?

Fine Artists & Artisans looking into trades

Use your natural talent for working with your hands and artistic eye to beautify homes with paint. We'll teach you all you need to know about starting a painting business.

Established Professional Painters

Take your existing business to the next level as a Certified Craftsman Painter. Grow your team confidently with our Complete Workforce Solution.

Interior Designers Focused on Color

Are you a licensed interior designer? Specialize in color and earn commissions for selling Craftsman Painter Services.
Learn More Here.