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Worried about what to do next to grow your painting business?

Most painters struggle to build a successful business on their own because they can't find leads in the slow season and they can't find help in the busy season.

It's a constant up and down, feast or famine cycle that has to end now.

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of extra knowledge to get you through to the next level. That's why I created a curriculum based on the book Sprint, to help you get a handle on your business problems. Learn how to build out a sales system or develop a stronger method of project management and onsite leadership.

Each 90-minute sprint session is jam packed with MBA level education that is open to your entire team. All taught virtually, on your schedule.
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Course Catalogue:

Social Branding

Today, personal brand is eating the lunch of corporate branding. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has 13.5 million followers on Twitter, while Apple as a company lags behind him with 8.2 million followers? Why? People are more interesting than companies.

The foundation to beginning your journey in painting is to understand that the unique cultural traits and individual characteristics that you embody speak far louder than those of the company. Your face is more memorable than your logo. Your name means more than the name of the company. 

In this course, you will learn how to put personal brand first and how to use that as a powerful tool in developing new business.

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Field Marketing

Field Marketing is the process of proactively searching for new leads using outbound marketing strategies rather than solely relying on inbound marketing and lead generation. Both outbound and inbound are a healthy part of a growing business, but most trade companies fail to launch valuable outbound prospecting programs because of lack of knowledge.

Most people think of outbound as being too pushy or annoying, but those who look at it that way are missing a wild opportunity to grow. When done right, field marketing is performed more like an act of service and can be the most effective way to build your brand and close more deals.

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Dark Social

Dark Social is one of the strongest tools in your arsenal as a sales professional, but are you maximizing this great opportunity?

Great sales & marketing professionals know that the relationships you create in your community magnify your word of mouth and trust factor as you strive to sell services to your community. 

In this course, we will go over networking techniques, real world marketing strategies that can't be tracked digitally but result in digital results like increased web traffic, more organic search results, and more calls. We'll also work on crafting your one liner so that you never go into a social event again without booking some 1-1s.

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Value Estimating

The estimating course is taught using the example of interior painting but can be adapted to any other service offering. The key to estimating is understanding how individual production capacity is linked to units.

In this course, we will move beyond guessing about how many hours jobs will take, and we’ll even move beyond confusing and inaccurate production rate methods and adopt the revolutionary Production Points Method™ which produces more accurate bids and translates into work orders that actually help your people become more productive.

This class is ideal for hired sales staff new to painting or experienced painters stuck on antiquated production rate or time & material bidding systems.

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Sales Accelerator

For many contractors & designers, selling is something that came more naturally to them or through a lot of trial and error, they learned how to become a better sales person. However, when it comes to hiring and training sales people, it’s hard to translate what is in your head into transferrable skills you can pass on to sales people.

In this course, we will teach participants how to uncover customer problems, provide solutions, and close the deal on the spot. It's ideal for hired sales staff new to painting or experienced painters stuck on antiquated production rate or time & material bidding systems.

Those who master the sales training will increase their closing ratios and reduce the cycle of the sale.

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KLA (Keep tha love alive)

Keeping up with your pipeline and continually following up with your customer base can keep you so busy that you don’t have time for doing actual sales or business development.

Utilizing CRM automation software (such as Keap,) will help you stay on top of your customer base and increase your closing ratio.

You’ll be able to keep the love alive with your pipeline and put automation software to work night and day after taking this course.

The principles taught in this course will work with any CRM system, and you'll even learn how to KLA using just your Gmail account.

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Onsite Leadership

A vibrant and results focused culture hinges on strong onsite leadership. As an owner of a company you may not be able to be everywhere at once, and so you put in place captains to run plays on your behalf. But if that leadership talent is underdeveloped, your jobs won't be productive, and holding on to people will be hard to accomplish.

In this course, you'll want to make sure you invite your team captains that are in the field for a 90-minute session on onsite leadership. We will cover goal setting, guiding, accountability, and conflict resolution. Your team captains will leave with an emboldened sense of purpose and meaning in their roles as onsite leaders.

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Production Points Method™

Efficient and high quality production is the number one factor of success in a trades company.

Production is the product you are selling. No other success in your business will compensate for failure in production.

In this course we will teach you on our novel Production Points Method™ and how to effectively produce a job with your team throughout the week. 

This course will not cover the actual craft of painting but will focus on how to track and maximize production performance.

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The E.D.G.E Training Model

In services, your company is only as good as your training. Without effective training systems in place, your team will produce inconsistent results.

This course is designed for Onsite Leaders (and specifically those training to become Master Craftsmen) to learn how to become better trainers.

You’ll be instructed on the E.D.G.E. framework for training, and you’ll be given training worksheets to track the progress of trainees.

We’ll also work to develop the soft skills required to become a mentor to young apprentices.

Invite all of your crew leaders, job site leaders, & project managers to this course.

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Cash Flow Convergence

Cash Flow is the most important thing to understand in business finances. Those who understand it and effectively master it will always feel confident in the future.

To keep cash flowing in your business you have to understand how finished projects correlate to converging on cash.

In this class, we will instruct you on business cashflow and how to schedule the revenue in your projects.

Bonus Section: The Personal Cash Flow System
Learn how to manage your personal finances when your income is based on seasonal demand.

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Customer Success

Every consumer enjoys great service, but when you can go above and beyond and help your customers achieve a new level of success, they will start talking you up to everyone they know.

Great customer success comes down to communicating consistently, staying organized, and focusing on successful outcomes. Your customers are striving to become the best version of themselves. If you can help them do that, you will succeed.

In this course, we will cover what great customer success looks like, how to quantify your customer success performance, and how to use great customer success to collect reviews, referrals, and to create raving fans.

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Job Scoring

Your team will thrive when they can see a scoreboard that shows whether they are being successful or not.

They will also work just as hard to be at the top of the leaderboard as they will to not be at the bottom of the leaderboard.

In this class, we will put together an effective scoreboard for your jobs. We'll identify both lead measures (activities that lead to success) and lag measures (outcomes that result from lead measures) so that your team is measuring the things that matter most that will serve your mission.

This course is ideal for leaders over both production and sales.

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In the program you will learn one of the most effective systems of production management in the world applied to the painting business. The book Sprint was written for painters by one of the most trusted voices in the industry, host of the PaintED Podcast, Torlando Hakes. PaintED has helped thousands of paint contractors grow their business. And now, Sprint OS is available in virtual workshop form and as a part of CPI Trade School and the Craftsman Painter Certification.