Base Pricing Guide

How much does it cost to paint a bedroom?

Door & Frame


3'x3' Room

Walls: $135
Base: $45
Ceiling: $45
5'x5' Room

Walls: $225
Base: $45
Ceiling: $90
8'x8' Room

Walls: $360
Base: $90
Ceiling: $135
13'x13' Room

Walls: $585
Base: $135
Ceiling: $225
21'x21' Room

Walls: $945
Base: $225
Ceiling: $360
*Ceiling height 8-10 feet. 2x price for vaulted walls and 1.5x price for vaulted ceilings. 2 coats included. Repairs & Paint bid separately.

What influences the cost of painting your house?


Have your walls seen better days?

As proud members of the Painting Contractors Association, we follow PCA Industry Standards to determine the level of prep to required to achieve a properly painted surface.
See Industry Standards

What level of prep do you desire?

Choosing Prep Level

Level of prep impacts pricing because more prep takes more time and care. We recommend choosing level 3 or above for best results. But choosing level 1 or 2 may save money on your project.

  • Basic: Clean the walls, then paint. This is ideal for "like new" surfaces.

  • Standard: Limited patching, then paint. Ideal for "very good" surfaces.

  • Superior [Recommended]: Thorough patching, then paint. Ideal for "good" surfaces.

  • Supreme: Extensive patching, then paint. Ideal for "poor" surfaces.

  • Restoration: Replace drywall or woodwork, then paint. Ideal for damaged surfaces.

What Quality of Paints & Materials Would You Prefer?

When working with a local Color Designer, you'll get help designing your color palette using high quality products from Sherwin-Williams. Purchasing through our Color Designers gives you access to exclusive paint discounts, too!

Emerald Urethane

Cabinet, Door & Trim Enamel
List Price: $109.49-$110.49

Learn more

Emerald Interior

Premium Wall Paint
List Price: $85.49-$90.49

Learn more

Duration Home Interior

Anti-Microbial Paint & Primer
List Price: $80.49-$85.49

Learn more

Cashmere Interior

Ultra-Smooth Finish
List Price: $69.99-$74.99

Learn more

SuperPaint Interior

Paint & Primer
List Price: $69.99-$74.99

Learn more

Eminence Ceiling Paint

Self-Priming Flat Finish
List Price: $42.49

Learn more
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Working With Craftsman Painter

Our workers are trained artisans who choose working with their hands. As a collective of craftsman painters, our duty is to our workers and our customers (not shareholders). You can be sure that your hard-earned dollar is going to support their hard-earned paycheck & reasonable benefits. Very few painting companies are able to offer a decent living wage and benefits to those who choose a craft as their profession. At Craftsman Painter, we believe in making a difference in our people's lives so that they can make a difference in yours.

Other Painting Companies

Craftsman Painter Members

Subcontracted Labor
W2 Employees
No worker benefits
Access to healthcare and retirement plans
Informal training
Training backed by the Painting Contractors Association
Cost-cutting paints and products
High quality paints & materials from Sherwin-Williams
Hard to reach by phone
Proactive communication with regular status updates
Lack of professionalism
Kind, courteous, clean, & professional

Your Budget Counts

When working with a Craftsman Painter Rep or Color Designer, they'll take into account your budget for the project. It's best to have all decision makers present for the estimate and proposal discussions, so that we can help you plan and prioritize a scope of work that fits neatly with your budget needs.

While we take seriously the compensation of our painters, we still believe that painting should be accessible to all.

Make sure to ask about options for financing and seasonal discounts to help you paint the home of your dreams.