People are the life of your business. Running the best playbook for people is crucial to supporting and protecting them.

Given the demands, rules and regulations facing employers, businesses of all sizes find it hard to run with employees.

At Craftsman Painter, we help you employ great people without all the headache that comes with being an employer.

A Better Way To Grow Your Team

The Craftsman Painter Collective partners with Zynergia HR, a national PEO which provides contract employees and various human resources (HR), risk management and human capital management services to keep you in compliance with the ever-changing employer regulations. Partnering with Zynergia HR gives us exclusive access to healthcare resource partners, insurance providers, financial services, and HR experts that you often don’t have the time, expertise, or help to manage efficiently among your other duties.

Not only this, but we are also experts in the paint trade. We focus exclusively on working with independent painters. We have playbooks for each role and can help you customize your playbooks to make sure your production staff is keeping jobs on budget and that your sales staff is closing jobs at a high rate.

Managing your business is a complicated task as the risk of costly penalties for noncompliance with federal and state employment laws can be daunting. Even hiring subcontract workers can be risky if you fail to ensure that your subcontractors are keeping up on their own compliance responsibilities. If they are not, penalties can fall back on you. Hiring human resources staff and developing the knowledge and expertise required to manage your administrative processes on a day-to-day basis can be time-consuming, complex, and expensive. It can prevent your company from focusing on what you do best.

Having access to an HR partner can help you mitigate risk and save time administering HR and Payroll. Not only this, but we can coach you through recruiting, training, and onboard employees and give access to health benefits and retirement plans to make working for you much more attractive.

Introducing the Craftsman Painter Collective PEO

As an employer, you are already responsible for Workers Comp Rates and Payroll Taxes including FICA, FUTA, and SUTA. This makes your total employee burden higher than the base wage that you pay them. This is why subcontracting is so attractive. By giving the subcontractor a little bigger slice of the pie, you avoid having to pay those extra costs of being an employer. Unfortunately for the worker, this usually passes the burden on to them, and because they are busy painting your jobs, they struggle with compliance and they struggle to make the money work for them. This leads to massive burnout and turnover. There is a better way. With the Craftsman Painter Collective PEO, powered by Zynergia HR, you can have a fully employed workforce with the stress-free ease of subcontracting. All workers comp, payroll taxes, and administrative fees are paid with your payroll. This makes doing the right thing easy.

Collective Membership Starting at:
*Pay all of your workers comp (local rates apply), payroll taxes, unemployment, and wages for each worker in one bi-weekly payment
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What they don't tell you about using Subcontractors is putting you at real risk.

Subcontracting sure seems great, right? Your margins are fixed. You never have to pay out of pocket for a job gone sideways. And it’s a single expense line on your profit and loss statement! Who could ask for more?

All too often, sales-focused business owners turn to subcontracting to solve their profitability problems because it’s easy and their margins don’t move. But the reality is that if you were going sideways on jobs in the past, you are still going sideways on them now, but this time, it’s your workers who pay the price.

But they aren’t going to bear that responsibility alone.

No…once they think about how much their flat payment breaks down by hour, they start looking at ways to cut back on quality to save time.

So really, the customer is paying for it, and if the customer pays, you pay. Increased call backs, bad reviews, and fewer repeat clients. The truth is, everybody is paying for it, including you.

Not only this, but subcontracting uses money as the only motivator for progress. Using money as a motivator is like being in a horse race and cracking the whip on the hip of the horse. Sure, it gives them an initial jolt, but keep cracking that whip over and over again and that hip gets worn out. Eventually, the horse is burned out and out of commission. 

People don’t only work for money. They work for health, they work for their future, and they work for satisfaction. Without healthcare, retirement benefits, or the stability of a consistent paycheck, your people will get burned out constantly chasing the dollar, and you will struggle to grow consistently and keep the same people.

Craftsman Painter helps you make a difference in the lives of your people.

When you join the Craftsman Painter Collective and utilize our PEO partnership, you are making an investment in your people. You are giving them stability, a living wage, access to healthcare, insurance, and a 401(k). You are giving them a future.

Through our free productivity and leadership training, you’ll get better performance out of contract employees. We will help you codify and gamify your production so that your painters are motivated to succeed without needing to dangle more money out as a carrot. 

Your customer service quality will go up because your people will be more invested in providing a great service rather than only focusing on generating a livable return for themselves.

With happier, more productive workers, you will see your profit increase!

Using a PEO puts money back into your pocket when its managed correctly. We help your team manage better. 

Our partners at Zynergia HR assist you with implementing large-scale change management initiatives in multi-site, employee intensive environments, through recruiting, training, staffing, and coaching.

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PEO Co-Employment

Zynergia provides all HR, Payroll administration, workers comp and benefits through the structure of a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). You’ll pay Zynergia like you would a subcontractor, but you get the added assurance of fully compliant workers who are taken care of. You’ll make one bi-weekly payment for payroll and Zynergia takes care of the rest.

Additional Workforce Services

Team Training

Included in services are virtual training and onboarding for key personnel. You’ll of course have to provide additional in-person training and support, but with the help of our live virtual training, you’ll have the most well-equipped team in your service area. For added training support, you can upgrade to our advanced training package for your entire team.


As a member of the Craftsman Painter Collective can help you recruit painters and sales consultants by posting digital advertisements to over 60+ job sites. Posts will be available in your area and across the state to give you access to the widest pool of candidates. We will vet resumes and provide initial interviews, only bringing people to your schedule that would be viable candidates.

Business Management

Having great people to work for your company is one thing, but having the right systems to help them succeed is the other half of the puzzle. In our business management program (upgraded services) we will help you design and implement playbooks for your company that take the guesswork out of succeeding and growing in your business. Working with our admin directors will give your team the best chance at success.

Co-Employed Vs. In-house Employees

Using Co-Employed Employees allows you to gain cost and time efficiencies in all the following areas, whereas doing this with all in-house employees puts a ton of work on your plate:

  • Elimination of time spent setting up employees and benefits in a payroll system, as Zynergia HR payroll team manages all aspects of payroll, including most data entry, federal and state income tax filings, and W-2s
  • Significant reduction in staff time spent attending to HR policies, matters, and administration
  • Elimination of staff time spent researching, selecting, and administering benefits plans, including the employer notice and reporting requirements of the Affordable Care Act
  • Elimination of your existing retirement plan relationship and associated costs, (if you decide to use the Zynergia HR Retirement Plan)
  • Significant reduction in staff time spent managing your unemployment insurance rate and risk
  • Elimination of staff time spent selecting your workers compensation carrier and coverage, and managing your workers compensation rate and risk
  • Assignment of fiduciary responsibility for all benefits plans, including the 401(k) plan, to Zynergia HR.

What Goes Into Our HR Program

FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL EMPLOYMENT REGULATIONS: Answer questions and provide information related to employment regulations such as FLSA, ADA and other state and federal employment regulations to help you remain in compliance as applicable. Note: small employers may not be subject to all laws. We can help determine which ones apply.

HANDBOOKS, POLICIES, & FORMS: Assist in keeping employee handbooks, policies, and forms up to date through regular reviews and updates to reflect changes in law or new practices. Access to our employee handbook if one does not exist. Ensure you have up-to-date employment postings for employees.

EMPLOYEE RELATIONS: Advise supervisors on employee relations matters, such as employee coaching and counseling, staff conflict, supervisor/staff conflict, difficult employees, and techniques to retain good employees. Provide a confidential resource for supervisors and employees to consult on difficult and challenging employment issues (including harassment, discrimination, ADA, etc.)

INVESTIGATIONS: Investigate complaints or concerns related to workplace issues, including but not limited to disciplinary issues, employee morale, and allegations of harassment or discrimination. We can serve as a direct, confidential resource for staff. If we determine you need outside legal counsel, we will advise accordingly. Note: we cannot provide legal advice or serve as an attorney representing your organization.

JOB DESCRIPTIONS AND PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS: Assist with writing job descriptions for existing positions within your organization. Assist with the development and implementation of a performance appraisal process.

PAYROLL AND EMPLOYMENT COMPLIANCE: Ensure compliance with the necessary forms for payroll and employment compliance, including W-4s, I-9s, employee demographic information, and other worksite-specific forms that you may require employees to complete.

RECRUITING & INTERVIEWING: Provide guidelines on proper interviewing and recruiting techniques that are designed to attract candidates suited to your needs in a process that is compliant.

What Goes Into Our HR Program (Continued)

PAYROLL ADMINISTRATION: Administer and process payroll (live checks or direct deposit) and annual bonus/commission runs, withhold and remit state and federal income taxes: prepare and submit necessary payroll-related tax filings and deposits, prepare and distribute W-2s, manage state unemployment insurance account and rate, respond to employment and wage verification requests and administer time off policies.

BENEFITS ADMINISTRATION: As employees of Zynergia HR (leased by your company), eligible employees will have access to our wide array of benefits: health insurance (low, mid, and high deductible plan options), dental insurance, vision insurance, flex plan, 401(k) plan, employee assistance plan, group term life insurance, supplemental life insurance, and short term and long term disability insurance. We sponsor employee benefit plans and work with you to determine eligibility, participation, and employee/employer contribution rates for each benefit. Assist with new employee orientation, employees’ qualifying events, COBRA administration, maintenance of employee benefit files, and serve as a resource to answer any benefit-related questions. We also assist with developing and administering your paid time off / leave policies. Affordable Care Act (ACA) related reporting and notices are included.

RISK MANAGEMENT: Administer workers’ compensation policy; Coordinate responses to workers’ compensation claims. Manage workers’ compensation relationship with the vendor, including coordinating quarterly audits and ongoing employee communications. Assist in responding to unemployment compensation claims and/or requests for information from governmental agencies.

OPTIONAL EMPLOYMENT RELATED VERIFICATIONS & BACKGROUND CHECKS: The Zynergia HR team can provide the following: Social Security Verification, National Sexual Offender Database Search, Social Security Trace, Criminal Background Checks (county, state, multi-state, and federal district court), Search of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Excluded Parties (OIG) and GSA Lists, Consumer Credit Report, Driver Record Report, Educational Verification, State Caregiver Background Check, and Employment Verification Check. Clients are responsible for any fees associated.

We welcome the opportunity to build a relationship with you and to become your long-term PEO solution.

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