Become A Master

As a painter, you are on a path toward mastery. Research shows that mastery, autonomy, and purpose leads to a fulfilled life.

But does your current company give you the career growth and opportunity to reach your full potential? Or is the ceiling low? What do you want your life to look like?

The vast majority of painting companies in this country are made up of one person and summer helper. A small few keep a crew of 3-5 occupied seasonally. In a company where there is little to no opportunity to grow as a leader, your potential is severely limited.

You aren't getting any younger, and at some point you might start thinking about what's next for you? Will you have the opportunity to manage projects or pass on your skills to the next generation? Will you always be climbing up and down a ladder and doing the heavy lifting of the company you're in?

At Craftsman Painter, we've designed a position specifically for painters with years of hard-earned experience. We want to employ you in the next phase of your career and help you build a legacy.

As a Master Craftsman, you will be instrumental in building and training multiple crews to carry out production work at a high degree of quality and efficiency.

You'll have the support of a dedicated administrative team to help you recruit talented young painters who need your mentorship. If you don't have the heart and patience of a teacher, this may not be for you.

Teaching the next generation of painters to have a love of craftsmanship and provide quality service is mission-critical. If you have a desire to lead and develop young painters to become the next generation of masters, consider applying for collective membership.

Level Up As A Journeyman

What's it like to be a journeyman painter in the Craftsman Painter collective? It's all about leveling up.

Being a journeyman painter, you have the skills of a great painter, but these skills are still fresh and need to be honed. You're most likely at a point where you are enjoying the trade, and you're asking yourself, how far can the painting trade take me?

For most trained painters, the opportunity stalls out when they realize the opportunity for growth isn't very big at their current company. Many look at starting out on their own but all too often those who do, can't find enough work on their own, and they are back to working for someone else within a year or two.

What's more, is that if you don't make this skill set work for you, finding something new is starting all over from square one again.

Being part of a collective changes things for you as a journeyman level painter. At Craftsman Painter, we're here to help you turn your trade into a career. Complete with healthcare benefits and retirement options.

When you join the Craftsman Painter collective, you'll get the benefits of W2 employment (no more paying taxes on your own) with the flexibility of working like an independent.

Journeyman painters can explore our different guild locations while they improve their skills and develop new leadership abilities in crew management.

Learning new skills and being mentored by a Master, you will take your painting game to the next level and prepare to become a master yourself.

Apply for collective membership to walk this awesome path.

A New Kind of Apprenticeship

Are you facing a decision about what path to take in your life? For some, after graduating from high school, it's hard to know what to do. Do you go to college or go right into the workforce?

How about both?

If you're a recent high school grad or current college student, we would love for you to consider the benefits of adding an apprenticeship to your skill set.

College is expensive, and not everyone who graduates from college is able to find a job in their field of study. Take, for example, fine art's majors. When they graduate from college, their job prospects are like graduating into a recession, even though the economy is strong.

No one should find themselves without a good paying job as a college graduate and you don't have to.

A career in the trades is an excellent way to earn a living and for those who like working with their hands and don't like being stuck behind a computer all day, painting is a great option.

As an apprentice with Craftsman Painter, we will work with your school schedule if you are currently a student and help you apply what you're learning to the painting business.

You'll also have access to our company trade school which will teach you fundamental skills for business, leadership, and project management.

Many people who take on an apprenticeship in college or after high school find out that they are building the skills necessary to become a future entrepreneur.

At Craftsman Painter, we can help you on the path to mastery in a field that is always in demand.

A Better Way To Subcontract

The subcontractor model is broken and painters who use the subcontractor model need to watch out, or they could be liable for worker misclassification.

Most paint contractors who use the subcontractor model are misusing it. They don't want to deal with the responsibility of payroll taxes and added insurances, and so they pay their people a 1099 wage and push the responsibility of paying taxes down to their people.

Then when tax season comes around, their individual workers get slapped with a huge tax bill that they didn't see coming.

This is a recipe for high turnover and low quality work.

The fact is, money isn't the only thing that incentivizes hard work and when using money as the primary motivator, quality issues are more likely to plague your business.

As a Craftsman Painter collective partner member, you can feel confident that you are compensating people the right way through our complete workforce solution.

Our HR department has access to an ever-growing database of possible candidates for hire, whether you are in need of more painters or if you need help in the sales department.

The best part, is that we become the employer of record, and you can subcontract with us, knowing that we are going to remain compliant.

Whether you require more workers or you have the workers, and you could use more jobs, being a partner member allows you to remain an independent contractor but get the help you need with labor or sales.

Not only this, but you'll get access to exclusive 1-1 coaching to help you run your business.

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